As a homeowner, you’re probably wondering how frequently should you paint your home. In addition to enhancing its look, painting your home also helps improve the life of its exterior. There are several factors that influence how often you need to repaint your home.  

If you’re planning to improve your home’s curb appeal, painting its exterior is your best bet. However, how often should you do it? Here are a couple of factors to keep in mind before you hire Franklin painters: 

Quality of Previous Paint Job 

A premium paint would normally last for a longer period, unlike low-quality paint, is rushed, or isn’t done properly. To improve the lifespan of your paint job, there are 3 things to consider – the number of paint coats applied, the paint color, and paint type. 

  • Number of Coats 

You’re very wrong if you believe that a single coat is enough. Using 2-3 coats better protects your house from the surroundings and improves the life of the paint job. 

  • Quality of Paint 

The paint quality you utilize contributes to its lifespan. Usually, acrylic paint is the most fade-resistant, durable, and has a lower chance of blistering, cracking, or hardening. 

  • Shade/Color 

While the sun can cause fading to lighter paint colors, it isn’t as noticeable as darker colors since they typically fade faster.  

Type of Material 

  • Brick 

Your paint should last 15-20 years on brick if it is applied properly.  

  • Cement Fiberboard Siding 

This latest form of material has to be repainted every 10-15 years.  

  • Stucco 

Stucco is a durable material that requires low maintenance. It requires repainting every 5-10 years. You might have to do small touchups and repairs periodically since stucco usually cracks when it settles. This will help maintain its clean look. 

  • Aluminum Siding 

You might have to repaint it if your aluminum siding appears faded or chalky. Repainting is a lot more affordable compared to replacing it. A high-quality paint job can last around 5-15 years. This depends on your area.  

  • Wood Siding 

If you want to enjoy wood’s beauty for many years, you have to protect it properly. You will have to repaint wood every 3-7 years, depending on your choice of finish. Also, you will have to seal it every 2 years and stain it every 3-5 years.  


  • Rainy, Humid, or Cold 

Areas that experience windy ocean sprays, extreme humidity, harsh winters, and frequent storms have climates that age paint faster. For instance, you will have to repaint your house frequently if you’re located in a coastal area. On the other hand, you will have to repaint every 5-7 years if you’re located in an area with cold winters and humid summers.  

  • Sunny, Warm, and Dry 

The paint on your home might fade and bubble if your home is exposed to the sun’s UV rays. This is especially true during summer. For those who don’t know, the paint will deteriorate due to the sun’s UV rays. This can lead to a faded and dull look over time.