"They're friendly and absolutely wonderful. They do great work and they're professional. They're awesome. Their communication is very good."

May, 2013

- Kent V. - 2010 Toyota

Business Partners

Working together to provide a better product and service for you.

Church Brothers is just one link in the autobody repair chain. Every vehicle fixed has numerous suppliers or entities involved in the estimating or autobody repair process. The job of the repair shop is to bring all those parties together at the right time, with the right level of quality and for the right price.

Autobody repair sounds easy, but there are many things that are outside of our direct control. That is why it is very important that we select the right business partners who understand collision repair and the entire auto claims process.


"They were very professional!"

Church Brothers Shadeland- September, 2011

- James G. - 1996 Lincoln