The elements you pick for landscaping can totally change the overall feel and appearance of your property. The ground cover for your landscaping beds is one thing to consider when designing your landscaping. Oftentimes, you might see pine straw or mulch as ground cover. However, one common alternative for it is rock.  

Rock ground cover can add shape, color, and texture to your landscaping beds. Aside from that, it also offers the same benefits – keeping soil insulated and protecting your plants’ roots.  

If you’re planning to hire Franklin landscapers and lawn care to improve your landscaping, here are a couple of rock types to consider for ground cover: 

Decomposed Granite 

One versatile type of stone that works for businesses and houses is granite. It is typically collected from quarries in huge pieces. However, smaller pieces break off as granite is processed. This creates what’s called decomposed granite.  

Decomposed granite comes in a range of colors. They also have irregular edges. Colors typically aren’t mixed. Thus, you can always achieve a uniform color in your landscape bed. It’s one of the most affordable options. 

Pea Gravel 

Pea gravel is almost the same as river rock. The reason for this is that the edges have all been worn smooth. However, this type of rock is a lot smaller. Thus, they’re often called pebbles. Pea gravel works well in huge and small areas. However, your color choices aren’t as broad compared to river rock in general. 

Oftentimes, pea gravel is in muted shades of brown. To prevent the tiny rocks from spilling past their boundaries, it will require accurate edging. This type of rock ground cover is a great economical option that can work in a huge range of applications. This includes HOA properties, commercial properties, and residential properties.  

Lava Rock 

This type of rock ground cover is exactly as the name implies. Lava rock is made from volcanic rock. Almost every lava rock that is intended for ground cover has been broken into tiny bits. However, you will have porous and jagged rocks that provide a special texture, regardless of the size you will choose.  

Lava rock ranges from jet-black to brick-red color. Because of this, it can produce an excellent contrast for the greenery in your landscaping. When it comes to cost, lava rock is almost the same as pea gravel. However, the aesthetic results will be greatly different.  

River Rock 

This type of rock ground cover is a very well-known option for landscaping. The reason for this is that they’ve got a huge range of colors. In general, river rocks are much bigger compared to pea gravel. They’re also extremely smooth to the touch. Shades of brown, gray, black, and white are popular. However, you can also look for mixed-color blends. You can sometimes find blues and greens 

This type of rock ground cover is mid-range when it comes to cost. However, they do not require frequent re-application compared to other options. Thus, it’s still an ideal choice for your landscaping ground cover.