"I have a friend in the "biz" and he said you guys were the best - and I believe it now."

Church Brothers Northwest - January, 2013

- Sam D. - 2012 Explorer

Driving in a Straight Line

is the fastest way to get there.

Church Brothers has technicians who are drive-ability experts.

Our job is to make sure your car drives like it is supposed to drive. We have equipment and expertise to help fix your car if it pulls or drifts to the side, or makes road noise and just doesn't feel right. We can do a lot more than just set your car's toe like many alignment shops. We can diagnose and repair any problem with the way your car drives. Ask a Service Representative about setting your car straight.

Are You Hot Under the Collar? We have certified Air Conditioning Technicians that are trained to cool you off.

We have certified equipment designed to repair, evacuate and recharge any vehicle's air conditioning system. Ask your Service Representative about putting the chill back into your drive to work.

Any other problems? Feel free to ask us about other work to your car, if we can't help, we may be able to direct you to someone qualified who can.


"Courteous and very customer oriented! Always have done a good job on any repair."

Church Brothers Castleton - June, 2013

- Mark S. - 2009 Toyota