A small bathroom should not limit a homeowner’s creativity in his or her remodeling journey. The space of concern may be small but through its creativity should be cultivated not diminished. To make sure you have some things to consider to help you hone your creativity, here are some tips to help you through the process. 

  1. Save on the Sink Area

A corner sink is a good way to save a lot of space in a small bathroom. Pedestal sinks that are prone to be placed across you shower often equates to a narrow space for you to walk in. More than that, it also gives a hindrance to the opening or closing of the door of your shower area in your bathroom. 

  1. Shower Curtain

Glass doors are often designed to swing inwards or outwards. These doors give a translucent division between your shower and tub or toilet however through the mechanism of how the glass door opens and lose, the space that you walk in your bathroom will become more challenging. Shower curtains are movable sideways and is thin enough to save space. It is a good way to put a division between areas in your bathroom without an issue of narrowing the area you can walk in. Moreover, if you are on a budget, it doesn’t cost much at all and you can freely replace it often as it is an affordable option. 

  1. Floating Vanity

Most vanities are bulky and requires a lot more space than you think. Vanities are often placed in the bathroom for convenience, clean feel and to achieve a good aesthetic. However, not all homeowners have the luxury of a wide nod spacious bathroom. Floating vanities have been a good concept and alternative for those individuals who want to do their makeup or what not on their vanity thus having it mounted above your floor area gives an extra storage for items that are on the smaller scale of sizing.  

  1. Use large sized patterns

Including a good-sized stripe pattern is an example of incorporating patterns that are large in size in your bathroom. This may not be your aesthetic but most of the homeowners who have smaller sized bathrooms go for these patterns to trick a person’s eyes into an illusion of a much wider and spacious area or bathroom.  

  1. Incorporate Mirrors

Mirrors have always been known to provide an illusion of wider spaces, so why not incorporate it in your bathroom? Moreover, making sure you have a mirror wide enough for two people provides a better way to share your bathroom. 

  1. Mount your towel bar on your door

Often, towel bars are mounted on walls however in a tighter setting it cramps up the space and is awkward to look at. To make sure your bathroom is clean looking even with its size, try mounting your towel bar on your bathroom door. Through this, you will not only avoid a hazardous sight of seeing your towel bar awkwardly in the wall of a small spaced bathroom but you will also save up more space for another item.  

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